I think I might have heard you on the radio~

...but the radio waves were like snow

My Neighbor Totoro Icons
Jijis kittens
For round 22 at childhood20in20

If you haven't seen this movie... go watch it NOW. It was such a huge part of my childhood and it's still in my top 10 movies today. <3

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Fandubs Are Love
Ami wink
Who was cast as Ami/Sailor Mercury in a Sailor Moon fandub?

Oh, that's right.. me!!!


They are still looking for an Usagi, Luna, Artemis, Ms. Haruna, Kenji, Umino and Nephrite if you want to check it out! <3


I'm so pleased with myself right now. I mean, it's only my second cast- but then, I haven't tried out for a TON of stuff yet. I plan on trying that duvet cover thing that I saw on a tumblr to try and improve my sound quality, I think it's held me back in a couple other more "professional" (is that even the right word for a private project?) projects.

And ack.. the deadline for the MLP musical audition is today and I haven't finished. I'm mad at myself.

More iconage... Little Mermaid is love <3
Tombo guess what
For my 20in20 claim at disneydolce

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Yeah, honestly, I'm not as happy with these as I have been with my other icons in the past... oh well! I did like how my color set turned out at least. <3

My real life? Eh... it's been busy, and kind of depressing... So I won't go into it and bother you all. But I haven't really been in the mood to be online lately, and my computers been crapping out again so... yeah.

Disney Princess Icons <3
Snow dove
For the 20in20 challenge at childhood20in20

And just for clarification, by "Disney Princesses" I used the character lineup for the Disney Princess franchise. This includes: Snow White, Belle, Ariel, Aurora, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Cinderella, Tiana and Rapunzel. (Mulan is not technically a princess, so I thought it was important to note this)

The song lyrics used for the Special Category are from "Heartbeat" by 2PM. The full translation of the lyrics can be found Here!

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*Favorite: Refers to both my favorite Disney Princess and my favorite scene in that film. I don't know why, but I've always loved the taking of Ariel's voice and the transformation from mermaid to human.

Digimon Digital Monsters....
Mimi says smile!
My icons for my Digimon claim @ anime20in20. I've been way too busy to do anything else lately... argh, why have I taken up so many claims?!?

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Kiki's Delivery Service... Yay!
The first of two entries for anime20in20. I chose Kiki's Delivery Service and completed it just now. :D

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Last Unicorn Icons!!
Amalthea comic
For round 19 at childhood20in20

It would be the last unicorn in the world that came to Closetd0rk...Collapse )

Writer's Block: Hocus pocus
Hachi MC
If your parents were transformed into their true animal spirits, what animals would they be?

My mom would probably be a honeybee. Social, helpful, into gardening, very busy all the time, but with a slight temper. Like a bee she roams far from home and works very hard.

My father is more like a house cat. He keeps to himself most of the time, but is still affectionate in his own way. Like a house cat he is more content to stay within one area and prefers the company of family and a few close friends.

New Hobby!
Hachi MC
Since my boyfriend got me a small artist tablet for my computer, I decided to try something I've alllllways wanted to do-

Manga coloring! 8-B

Yes, it took up some time that I should have been devoting to my finals, but- I love shiny new toys.

I picked a small picture of Ayako from "Crimson Hero"

Here are the before and afters:

Not to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty proud of myself. I think it's fairly decent for a first try. (This coming from a girl with no formal art training.)

I'd like to learn more about how shading should work and where the heck light should come from, so I think I'll be doing some artsy reading over the holidays.

I also spent some of my birthday money on two books. One of them is a collection of Pearls Before Swine comic strips, the other is "Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea" by Barbara Demick. I've read a little bit so far, and it's fascinating.

Hope you all are well! :)

Writer's Block: It's allergies ... really!
mulan haircut concept
What was the last thing that made you cry?

I was in my last Creative Writing class of the summer, we were going over some of our peers workshop pieces- one of them was submitted by a girl from Sudan, she wrote about how she had had to flee her country at the age of ten to escape being slaughtered. In order to make the best escape possible her family had split up into three groups.

She still doesn't know where three of her older siblings are, and her mother and two other siblings are in Cairo. She is currently in the USA with her father and a younger sibling, the other sibling she had been escaping with died on the way- she mentioned that its hard to run and carry someone at the same time.

The whole thing made me realize how lucky I am- I mean, I go to sleep not worrying about whether or not I'm going to wake up in the morning, and my family is all together.

I felt so strongly about this that I started tearing up in the back of the class. I'm really glad no one noticed.


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